Theatre Organs of the British Isles

COS British Installation List
The COS list of theatre organs of the British Isles was initially compiled by Clifford Manning and
published in the COS Journal in several episodes in about 1974. It received some updates from the COS
in the 1980s and further minor updates from the late Jim McKeown, who computerised it, in the 1990s.

The Jim McKeown Archive
Jim McKeown compiled an extensive and detailed archive of information about organ installations on record cards now held in the COS Archives. Some of this information has been summarised in a separate file, and is shown here where available.

All of Jim McKeown's record cards have been scanned and are being added to this database; these are also available to view here where available.

The National Pipe Organ Database
The National Pipe Organ Register (NPOR), maintained by the British Institute of Organ Studies (BIOS), is an extensive and comprehensive database of information about pipe organs in the United Kingdom, and includes details of many theatre organs. Links to the NPOR database are included here where available.

Updating the Database
The COS database has not had a major update for some years, and some of the records are incomplete, out of date or missing. The Society is hoping that volunteers will help to update the list. If you are interested in helping with this task, please contact the COS.

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