The COS is building an archive of historic recordings of concerts and broadcasts. The material is taken from donations or bequests of privately-made recordings by members. Most of the material is on original media that are not easily playable, and will become even less so as access to open-reel and cassette players becomes more difficult, not to mention record decks that can cope with 78rpm acetate discs. These historic recordings are gradually being cleaned up, edited and stored "in the cloud" to make them accessible to members who have a serious interest in the theatre organ's musical and performance history.

The archive is not intended to be an automatic record player for general entertainment, but more a research tool for COS members and others with a genuine interest. The audio tracks available are set for listening rather than downloading. Although details of all the material and names of musical items are there for inspection, not all material is available for listening, depending on rights and permissions. In general material from organists who are still alive is not available without express permisson (contact the COS if you have a particular requirement).

At this experimental stage the database can be searched by organist's name. Searching by venue will also be added in due course.

To search the archive for a particular organist, select the button below. At this experimental stage only a limited number of recordings are available.

To proceed you need to login as a COS member. Please enter the email address you gave us and the last part (four or five digits) of your membership number.