COS Installation List Editing Application

The COS list of theatre organs of the British Isles was initially compiled by Clifford Manning and
published in the COS Journal in several episodes in about 1974. It received some updates from the COS
in the 1980s and further minor updates from the late Jim McKeown, who computerised it, in the 1990s.

It became badly out-of-date, and volunteers have been helping to update the list by using
this application. Please feel free to scroll through and make any appropriate changes or additions to the list.
Changes you make will become immediately visible to others.

If your name is not already on the user list below, and you would like to be included,
please email John Leeming so that you can be added to the list of 'updaters'.

Note: If you just want to browse through the information without making any changes,
have a look at Theatre organs past and present, which contains information from other sources too.